Create a Wikispace for a group project



  • What is a Wikispace?

A Wikispace is a website that allows visitors to add, edit, remove, or change content.

It is an easy to use and an effective tool for collaborative authoring.

  • Here are the steps to creating your own wikispace:

1.  SIGN UP   

Go to wikispaces.com

 Pick a Username and Password

Enter your e-mail address

Click GET STARTED link.


(the "Get Started" link takes you to the "Welcome Page" where you can CONFIRM YOUR EMAIL and begin your wiki)

Under "Create a New Wiki" in the Wiki Name box enter you wikispace name. (ex.  name of group project.wikispaces.com)

Under "Wiki Permissions" select Public (open to everyone) Private (open to invited members only)

Under "Wiki Type" in the drop down box, select you wiki type.

Click the CREATE link.


(the CREATE link takes you in to the wikispaces "Home Page" where you can manage your wikispaces account and your wikispaces that you create)

The link takes you to the "home page"; however, before you can reach that page, a "Getting Started With Your Wiki." On the "Getting Started" page you can watch several helpful tutorials to help you edit your wiki, invite people to your wiki, and much more!

Once you are finished, Close the "Getting Started With Your Wiki" page.

Once on the "Home Page" navigate to the top right-hand corner to the EDIT link.


(the EDIT link is the heart of your wiki; it allows anyone to easily edit your wiki)

When you click the EDIT link, it takes you to a "Editor page" where you can write or format text, add links. upload images or documents, embed Widgets, and more.

*Note: You don't need to know any special mark-ups or wiki text to edit the page. You just need to know something that is alot like a Microsoft editor.

Once on the "Editor Page" delete all default text your wiki page.

Then type a Welcome message for your viewers.

(don't worry about getting this message perfect because you can always come back to edit or invite your friends to help edit your wiki)

Make the 1st line a header for the page so highlight welcome message and on the using the tools on the tool bar make it BOLD: as well as change the HEADING SIZE, if you would like.

Then type information about your page or any other information for your viewers.


Create a link to another page by typing what the page you want to link to is(ex. group members contact information)

Then highlight the page title(ex. group members contact information) and click the LINK tool on the tool bar to create link to your new page.

the LINK link takes you to a "Insert Link" page.

 Once on the "Insert Link" page:   

Under the "Wiki Link" tab

In the Link Text box enter your link title  (ex. group members contact information)

In the Wiki box enter the name of name of you wikispace that you created (ex.  name of group project.wikispaces.com)

In the Link Name box enter link tittle again (ex. group members contact information)

Then click ADD LINK and the link appears on your page.

When you are done editing and adding information on your page, then click the SAVE link.


 the SAVE link, saves all editing done by you and your friends and returns to your  "Wikispace web page".

These beginning steps are only the beginning of the many ways you can customize the look of your wiki, upload files or images on to you page, and invite friends and class mates.

 To see more examples, consult "getting started" tutorials for illustrations.


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  • Wikispaces
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