A webquest about Netball



Based on the videos that were posted in previous tabs, you are to:

Activity 1(Individual)

Do a portfolio which require answering the questions that follows:

-What is netball?

-What are the playing positions and a description of their roles.

-What is the name of the official that officiates the game? Explain their duties.

-Equipment used in the sport.

-How many thirds makes up the netball court? Name them.

-What are the 5 main rules listed in the video from the introduction tab? Give explanation for each.

*NB: pictures must be included.

Activity 2(Group)

-Place yourself in groups of 5.

-In your groups you must write about one Jamaican Netball player. 

-The booklet should entail their position(s), age, when did they start playing the sport, and any other important details that you think that should be included.

-After doing the written piece of this assignment you will be presenting on whatever information you found.

Activity 3(Individual)

-You are required to write a reflective essay about this course in no more than 300 words.

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