Wages and Salaries



In order for students to understand how to calculate pay the following steps must be done:

Step1. Down load the the attached file.

Step2. Read the sections on Definitions: Terms and Concepts, Methods of Calculating Wages and Salary

Step3. Answer the following questions on a sheet of paper.  Try not to use the attachment while answering the        questions.
   (a) Explain briefly the following words: Salaries, Wages, Pay, Gross pay and Net pay
   (b) Identify FOUR (4) methods of calculating wages and salaries
   (C) What is an allowance? List FOUR (4) examples 
   (d) Differentiate between Statutory Deduction and Voluntary Deduction.  State one example of each.

Step4. Use the attachment to check your responses then read the section again for emphasis.

Step5. Calculation of Gross Pay
            (a) Find the section on the attached file for Calculation of Gross Pay.
            (b) Read and examine the example done for you.  Use your calculators to check the result in
                  the example.
             (C) Complete the activity below the example.  ( Calculate Ms. Gray's Gross Pay)

Step6. Calculation of Overtime Pay
             (a) Read the section on overtime pay on the attachment.
             (b) Examine the example done
              (c) Complete the activity below the example

Step 7. Calculation of Net Pay
             (a) Read the section on calculation of net pay
             (b) Examine the examples done for you
             (c) Complete the activity below the examples

Step8. To check the answers to the activities completed down load the second attachment.


  • File
    Description: Notes and Activities for calculating Gross Pay and Net Pay

  • File
    Description: Answer Sheet for Student activity for wages and salary

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