Causes and consequences of unsafe road use



Watch the youtube video attached below and focus on the second car crash where the car collided with the trees.

The scenario is as follows;
A group of three youths are on their way home from a night club when they lost control of the car. The car then slammed into trees. The driver and a passenger were killed, and the second passenger has been taken to hospital.
The reason for the crash is unknown at the moment. The assumption is; driver fatigue, driving under the influence, weather, aggressive driving, speeding or distracted driving.

In groups of 2-3 you are to assume the identity of a crash investigation officer working with NSW police to help them identify the cause of the accident.
If your name starts with the below mentioned letters, you believe the cause of the accident to be what is listed next to your letter group.

A, B, C, D – Driver Fatigue
E, F, G, H – Driving under the influence (alcohol and/or drugs)
I, J, K, L  –  Weather
M, N, O – Aggressive Driving
P, Q, R, S – Speeding
T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z – Distracted Driver (phone, passengers, changing cd/radio, eating etc.)

In your letter groups, if needed, divide into smaller groups of 2-3. You will need to research how this particular cause impacts on a driver in terms of hindrance in driver ability.

It is your job as a crash investigation officer to thoroughly research and:

  • Explain how your nominated cause impacts an individuals driving.
  • How and why it may have been the causing factor to the accident.
  • The physical, emotional and social consequences of the accident due to the cause.
  • Propose and present strategies designed to promote safe road use attitudes and behaviours.


You will then in your groups, present your information to NSW police (your classmates) in a Microsoft power point presentation stating why your nominated cause affected the accident.

For assistance in creating an effective presentation refer to the following link: http://office.microsoft.com/en-au/powerpoint/HA102067111033.aspx

Your 10 minute presentation will need to present the four above mentioned outcomes in a clear and concise way, and include a reference page.

You will need to utilise search engines, such as google in order to sythesize and analyse through the information in order to complete your job as crash investigation officer. Some websites that may aid in your research are listed below, but are not to be the only sources of information.

· Roads and Traffic Authority NSW – Offers generous information and a great deal of links in regards to all aspects of road, driver and pedestrian safety. By clicking on the ‘Young and New drivers’ link under the quick links you will be taken through to popular links associated with driver safety.

o       http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/


· Australian Government – Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government. This page summates the need for road safety and offers links to publications and statistics in regards to road safety, and various causes of unsafe road use.

o       http://www.infrastructure.gov.au/roads/safety/index.aspx


· Transport Accident Commission – By selecting the road safety tab you are offered various links that are associated with different factors of road safety. By synthesising through and researching the necessary information you will be provided with media releases containing information and statistics on diverse road related topics.

o       http://www.tac.vic.gov.au/jsp/corporate/homepage/home.jsp


· Transport Accident Commission – Road Safety. This article allows for an understanding of road safety and contains links that allow for a comprehension towards driver safety, driving conditions and provides young driver statistics.

o       http://www.tacsafety.com.au/jsp/content/NavigationController.do?areaID=9&tierID=1&navID=E3347689&navLink=null&pageID=126


· Arrive Alive – This page contains strategies, initiatives and actions plans that have already been implemented to reduce the prevalence of some factors causing road accidents. It may provide some insight into new strategies that you may wish to implement.

o       http://www.arrivealive.vic.gov.au/


· Victoria Police – Here the Victorian police have provided you with many related links containing information that raise awareness of the main causes of road trauma and increase your understanding of road safety in general.

o       http://www.police.vic.gov.au/content.asp?Document_ID=9630


· Monash University – Study on the long term effects of road crashes. This paper documents various physical, psychological and social disabilities, impairments as well as community and financial hardships.

o       http://www.monash.edu.au/muarc/reports/atsb116.pdf




Description: Focus on the second accident shown where a car slammed into a tree on King William Road, causing 2 fatalities and 1 hospitalisation.

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