Fashion Fundamentals



  • State Standards / Competencies Addressed: 

    1. Explore and understand the basic concepts of the fashion industry.
    2. Understand and use accurate vocabulary to discuss fashion and apparel.
    3. Discuss the concept of fashion cycles that occur over time
    4. Analyze the relationship between today's fashions and the history of fashion

    You compose a catalogue that a consumer of your time period would use to order designer fashions. 

    Step 1:  Search on the internet or in books for information on your topic.  Make sure that you record the address of the websites you view so that you can include them in your work cited.

    You may use the attached links to get started but I want you to branch our and use other resources too.









    Step 2: Once the research is complete you will then use MS Publisher to create a catelogue that is specific to your Fashion Time Period /Style.

    Stap 3:  Use the folowing format for your catalogue:

    • Cover Page:      Name your Catalogue and give us a ďteaseĒ of what fashions we will see throughout your catalogues.


    • Page 1:            Up and coming trends for the time. (historical moments occurring what has influenced fashion, popular colors / textures, movies and media influences etc.)


    • Page 2:            Designerís, labels and trends that influenced the style Pictures of the Designers Fashions and a paragraph bio about the designer.


    • Page 3-6:        Each page needs at least three pictures, a catalogue description for each picture and an era-appropriate price for the garment
    • Page 3:            Womenís Sportswear
    • Page 4:            Womenís Business or Formal Wear
    • Page 5:            Womenís wear (your choice)
    • Page 6:            Menís Sportswear
    • Page 7:            Menís Business or Formal Wear
    • Page 8:            Menswear (your Choice)


    • Page 9:            Work Cited
    • Back Cover:    Words and Quotes that describe the time.

    Step 4: Print your Catalogue in full color

    Step 5:  See me and I will teach you how to bind your catalogue. 


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