Food For Thought



  • The first thing you and your partners should do is view the Food Guide Pyramid video below.
  • After watching the video, write in your journal what you learned about each of the food groups.  You may also go back to the title page, to review the picture of that food pyramid.
  •  Once you have written in your journals and know your stuff, make a food guide pyramid of your own.  Click on the "food guide pyramid" link above to see an example of what the pyramid looks like.  I have created a Food Guide Pyramid worksheet that you may print out and fill in.  You should label all groups, draw pictures, and use color!  The document is located under the Food Guide Pyramid video below.
  •  You can show the Food Pyramid you created to your friends and have them help you pick out the healthy items you want for your grocery list.
  • Make your complete grocery list in your journal.  Also, tell exactly what you packed for lunch.  For example, what food, healty snacks, and drink did you pack? 
  •  When you are all done, make a list of three educational facts that you learned through this excercise. For more information on the Food Pyramid, talk to Tiki!
  • Additional information over healthy food choice for children is located at this website
  • There is a short Quiz that you will need to take at the end of this lesson to test your knowledge. 


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    Description: Food Guide Pyramid worksheet

Description: Here is an educational video which will be a good start to your research!

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