Exploring Christmas Island



You will want to use these websites to find the answers to the questions below. Be sure to write down your answers, because you will use them to write up your explaination of if and why you want to visit Christmas Island:

The World Factbook

Australian Government - Check out the sections on Environment & Heritage, Traveller Information, Christmas Island GIS Map, and Photo Gallery

Island Life - Check out the Map, In Brief, Inhabitants and Gallery sections.

1. Where is Christmas Island?

2. What is the climate like on Christmas Island?

3. How much of the island is National Park?

4. Is Christmas Island its own country? If not, what country is it a part of?

5. What ethnic and religious groups live on Christmas Island?

6. Will communicating with the people that live on Christmas Island be a challenge for you?

7. How did Christmas Island get its name?

8. What types of flora and fauna are found on Christmas Island?

9. What are some recreational activities you might like to do on Christmas Island while on vacation?

Please type up one or two paragraphs under the "Reviews" tab explaining if you want to visit Christmas Island and why. Make sure you use the information you gathered from the websites in answering the above questions to form your response.

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