Task 1: Students to answer the following question:

1. What is Pollution? 


*Students can source their information using the link further down. 

NOTE: Watch these videos before answering question 2.



2. State three (3) different types of Pollution that were mentioned in the videos above? 

3. Discuss the causes and effects of land, air and water pollution?                            

- Use Microsoft Word to type in your answers. 


4.  Describe ways by which one’s behaviour can intentionally prevent land, air and water pollution.

Using these videos below: 


Task 2: Each group will be assigned to create a preventative poster on the following:

  • Land pollution
  • Water pollution
  • Air pollution

In this poster each group must have preventive methods for all the types of pollution listed above. Each group must also include images of them as a group performing a task including a preventative method on anyone of the types of pollution. 

*To get ideas and information students can view the videos above to create their posters. 

Task 3: Students will form groups of seven and design a pollution poster. Each group will be assigned a different type of pollution. Students can use the videos previously to access information. Students can also use the videos above to gather their information. 

Students can choose to present their campaign however they like-

Example: power point, micro soft word, video with the group performing a role play etc. 

Students must include the following in their campaigns:

  • What is pollution?
  • The three types of pollution the class is focusing on.
  • An explanation of the type of pollution each group is focusing on.
  • Causes of pollution.
  • Consequences of pollution.
  • Preventative methods for pollution.
  • Statistics based on the effects of the types of each pollution each group is assigned to. 
  • Facts about pollution in Trinidad and Tobago. 

Task 4: Students will complete a Quiz using PowerPoint.

1. Each student would click on the link below

2. On the right side of the screen, click more and download the PowerPoint document 

3. Go to the Tool bar and Click Slide Show

4. View PowerPoint from the beginning

5. Answer each question, and click undo button to continue



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