Safety at the Beach



Task 1: Students to answer following question:

Q: When going to the beach for a day, what risks are being proposed?

* Use the resource down the bottom of the page to help you answer the question

Task 2: Each group will be assigned to make a preventative poster to one of the following risks:

- water levels

- water conditions

- where to swim at the beach

* To get ideas visit thes sites;



Task 3: In groups of 4 students are to visit these two websites;



And create an advertising campaign on how to protect yourself in the sun. 

Students can choose to present their campaign however they like  -

Eg powerpoint, poster, video, website, role-play.

Students must include the following in their campaigns-

  • What is a tan?
  • Consequences of tanning
  • Statistics
  • What types of people are more at risk?
  • What are some high risk environments?
  • How do you stay safe in the sun?
  • Some interesting facts.

* Need to get ideas, one type of caimpain is on TV - http://www.darksideoftanning.com.au/campaign/tvc.aspx


Description: safety tips from an australian lifeguard

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