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The first step of my research process involves research. I have a paper with all of the meanings of each card on them. I will look at the meanings for inspiration, along with symbols that are commonly used in other decks, especially the Rider-Waite deck. I will then draw an idea out in a small size until I have an Idea that I like. Sometimes it takes me multiple tries. I will then draw it out on a larger piece of paper. I will then put it on the canvas paper and begin painting. The process of designing usually took a couple days, except for the hermit, which took me only a day to start the drawing process. 


  • Descubre Tarot del amor la tirada de cartas online que resuelve tus dudas gratis.
  • Aquí tienes la mejor web de tiradas de cartas gratis amor, trabajo, dinero, salud, todas las preguntas tienen respuesta.
  • Los mejores horóscopos gratis consulta tu signo del zodiaco, anual, mensual y diario.
  • Aquí� encontrarás los mejores hechizos de magia blanca rituales y amarres, amor, dinero, protección, mal de ojo.

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