All About Steve Jobs



Being able to answer all the following questions with the links provided will help you fully understand about Steve Jobs Life.

Note: there will be a test. Let's get started. (all links provided here)

Steve Jobs life

  • 1. Where was Steve Jobs born?
  • 2. When was Steve Jobs born?
  • 3. Was Steve Jobs adopted?
  • 4. Who are Steve Jobs foster parents? Who are Steve Jobs real parents?
  • 5. What College did Steve Jobs go to?
  • 6. Did Steve Jobs finish college?

Steve Jobs career

  • 7. What job did Steve Jobs have before apple?
  • 8. With money where did Steve Jobs go to find entertainment?
  • 9. With who did Steve Jobs help make the first apple computer?
  • 10. When was the Apple Computer born?
  • 11. What were the most interesting things in his leadership style?
  • 12. Did Steve Jobs get fired from apple? If so when?
  • 13. What did Steve Jobs create after getting fired from apple? and when?
  • 14. What did Steve Jobs buy from Lucas film? and when?
  • 15. What did he rename the group to?
  • 16. When did Apple buy the NeXT? For how much?

The creation of apple products

  • 17. When was the iMac released?
  • 18. When was the iPod released?
  • 19. When was the iPhone released?
  • 20. When was the iPad released?

The Tragic death of Steve Jobs

  • 21. What kind of cancer was Steve Jobs diagnosed with?
  • 22. When was Steve Jobs diagnosed?
  • 23. Did Steve Jobs undergo surgery? If so when and was it a success?
  • 24. What did Steve Jobs get a transplant for?
  • 25. When did Steve Jobs get the transplant?
  • 26. Did Steve Jobs ever return back to work?
  • 27. When did Steve Jobs officially resign his position?
  • 28. When did he die?

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