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You have two days to do the following activities: 


  1. First, make a brainstorm - using the attachment #1 -Answering the following question:

"What do you think is the purpose of reading?"


     2.Then read the articles that I´ve attached:

Reading purposes

Why is reading important?


After reading these articles go back to the brainstorm in attachment #1, compare your answers and add the information that is missing.


     3. It time to write your essay. 


Step1: To write your essay you have to start with a pre-writing activity, go to attachment #2 to do so.


Step 2: To do this writing activity use the brainstorm you have filled in attachment #1.


Step 3: Now start writing your essay, remember to be coherent, clear, use grammar and puctuation marks correctly.


     4. When you finish doing your essay, send me your final work to my e-mail, including your brainstorm and your pre-writing chart.



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    Description: brainstorm chart

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