Early Childhood Education: Engaging All Children in Meaningful Activity throughout the School Day



First, you will read your assigned articles and videos regarding initiating, joining and extending conversations. After watching the videos and reading the articles, initiate conversations with your group members regarding these resources and if you have seen any of them occurring in your classroom. Share out thoroughly since some members will be assigned articles and videos others have not seen.  Secondly, after doing this you will choose 1 strategy to implement in the classroom. Thirdly, after implementing the strategy, you will share out with your  group and the rest of our webquest members regarding your experience, findings, and any positive or negative feedback regarding how it went. The rest of the members will respond to your experience and ask you questions to gain a further insight. 

Group A: 

Initiating, Joining, and Extending Conversations 


No conversation is happening​
Adult begins the conversation​


Conversation is happening​
Adults joins the conversation​


Conversation is happening​
Adult deepens the conversation​

Watch video: 


Group B: 

High Quality, Low Inference Notes 

Describe Who, What, Where and When​
Consist of facts, not interpretations​
Include student name(s)/initials and dates​
Document notations in both the home language and target language of instruction.​
Reflect different domains of learning​
Detail what took place​
Do not describe Why

Video regarding questioning and low inference notes: 


Group C: 

Extending Vocabulary and Complexity of Language 

>Introduce new vocabulary 

>Use previously introduced vocabulary in a new context 

>Use language for different purposes (express a need, make an observation, make a connection)

>Elaborate or add detail 

>Use different sentence structure 

Video regarding extending vocabulary: 


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