step 1

  • visit the page provide in the link...Digestion definition and under the heading Digestion definition, read the paragraph and come up with a definition for the Term digestion
  • After getting your definition visit the page in the link......Digestion in the mouth to now get a definition of the term mechanical digestion, be sure to scroll down the page as the data continues.
  • Using the table provided start filling out the columns of the different type of digestion that takes place in the mouth and the enzymes present.

step 2

  • go to the link provided and read the first paragraph, after which write a definition for the term chemical digestion.
  • Now go to the link...digestive/upper-torso, page and use the interactive picture to hover over the different organs and start making your notes in your table .
  • Once you have finish this step use the link..digestive/lower-torso. and complete the table with the different organs and enzymes in your table.

step 3 

  • To reinforced what you have learned as you were making your notes and filling out your table . Watch this small video then attempt the two tasks below.link...Digestive system summary
  • Now once you have completed the table, write a paragraph simply explaining the journey of your hamburger as you start with the first bite to the when it travels to the end of your digestive system.
  • Additionally complete the series of question in the attachment below and hand it in along with your paragraph at the end of the class.




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