The Four R's of the Abolition Movement: Rationale, Risks, Rewards... and Revolution



Step One: Using your Graphic Organizer, research four important members of the Abolitionist Movement and the Movement itself.  Find information to support the Rationale of the Abolitionists, describe some of the Risks they faced, and recount the Rewards of their hard work.

Overview of the Abolitionist Movement

Violence Against Abolitionists

1834 New York Anti-Abolition Riots

Frederick Douglass - former slave and Abolitionist leader

William Lloyd Garrison - journalist, publisher of antislavery newspaper The Liberator

Sojourner Truth - escaped slave, antislavery and women's rights activist

Harriet Tubman - former slave who led daring escapes of hundreds of runaway slaves via the Underground Railroad

Step Two: Using the information you gathered on your graphic organizer, pretend that you are a very committed Abolitionist living in the mid-1800s.  Your friend, aware of the unpopularity of the cause and the risks involved, is not sure if they want to join the movement.  Write a letter to your friend, persuading them to join the movement.  Cite specific examples from your research.  Be sure that you clearly explain your rationale for being an Abolitionist, that you frankly describe the risks your friend may face for joining the movement, and, lastly, make sure they know of the great rewards that they can expect from joining this important movement.  If you are truly persuasive, your friend may just experience a revolution in their thinking, and join with you in making history.



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