Sing "Wheels on the Bus" with your students.
To mix it up, add "Planes in the Sky" or "Boats on the River" to the song. Remind your students that people can get from one place to another through the air or above water, too.
Tell them that vehicles are used for moving from one place to another. Explain that people use vehicles as transportation, or as ways to move around.
Ask them to name different vehicles, such as cars, planes, and trains.
Now, ask them where they see these vehicles. For example, cars move on the ground.

Gather your students together.
Read Modes of Transportation by Yael Rosenberg and Sarah Mazor or another book about transportation.
Show them the different toy models of vehicles and the pictures of the cloud, ground, and water. Lay these across the floor.
Place the vehicles on the appropriate picture.
Show them by placing a car on the ground picture, an airplane on the cloud picture, and a boat on the ocean picture. 

Give your students turns to choose a vehicle and place them on the matching pictures to show if they are land, water, or air transportation vehicles.
Ask them to look for similarities in the vehicles.
Show them the written names of each vehicle.
Encourage them to try on their own and also match the words.
Observe and provide assistance as needed.

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