My favorite city model.



The activity must be developed based in the following steps: 

1- Students have to form groups of three people, and every member from the group has to provide ideas about the activity. Partners organization is up to you.

2- Students can look into internet some example about a city model in order to get more ideas at the moment to create your own one.

3- Work in your draft city model on your note book. Do not forget to include as much as possible places from the city with the correct names in each one. That's why you must make use of the places' in the city list presented previously in class. Also take into account the time for presenting the activiity to the rest of the class.

4-  Make  a list of materials you are going to buy for making the city model.

5- Every student must write his/her personal report about the asigned part in the presentation in order to defend his/her grade.

6- In the day of the presentation, arrange your city model with all the members from the group to present it to the rest.

7- And explain to the teacher and classmates  the city model, the name, used materials in it, the experience about it and so on. Remember, no reading is accepted in the presentation.

8- The activity presentation must be in 10 minutes for each group, in which every member of the group has to explain the asigned part.


Web Link
  • Places in a City, English Vocabulary
    Description: In this website you are going to find the most common places in a city. It can help you to decide which places you want to include it. Also, it provides you English vocabulary about places in the city.

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