Learning Lanaguage From Unpleasant Experiences



Lead-in Show them the video  - Breaking the language barrier | Tim Doner | TEDxTeen 2014
TEDx Talks
(group work) make notes, write down the examples from the video and think about them.

Step 1 (group work) (5-10 minutes)

1. Each  group is asked to remember an unpleasant experience that they had recently, and
write a brief description of this experience.
2. Ask the groups to identify even minimally positive aspects of this experience and write them down.
Step 2 (group work – 5-10 minutes)
1. participants discuss with each other these positive aspects and explore their benefits,
take notes.
Step 3 (group work) 20 minutes

Participants turn their notes into posters, then go around and visit each group.

Step 4 (group work) 3 minute each

presentations of their posters

Step 5 (5-10 minutes)
Hold a short debriefing session to explore the following questions.
► What did you learn during this activity?
► What kind of relationship is there between the unpleasant events and useful experiences?
► Is there a common pattern?
► How could this activity be made useful for you in your future learning process?

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