The golden age of Piracy



Well Ahoy me bucccaneers!

First things first:  You must assign roles for the members of your group.

- Captain: This person will be the time manager for the group.  You will be responsible for keeping the group on task and making sure that you finish your task in the time frame given. You will also be responsible for helping the other members of your group complete their, if they need it.

- Artist:  You will be the person who draws the map.  The maps must be DETAILED, COLORED, AND HAVE A KEY, TITLE, AND COMPASS! The map also must have accurate information taken from the online sources provided. (You may use Prezi, Zeemap or powerpoint)

- Researcher:  You will be in charge of doing the research for your group.  You will navigate the online sources provided and locate information to help the artist complete the maps and the recorder to fill out the historical information.

- Recorder:  You will take the information provided by the researcher and complete the "Pirate Info" sheet and make any descriptions that need to be included with the map. (Copying the text from the websites is forbidden, you have to make synthesis)

PLEASE REMEMBER:  Even though you each have a specific role, you are all responsible for the outcome of this webquest.  You
must help and support each other to ensure that you all get the best grade possible.  You will present ONE finished project for
your group and all members will receive the same grade.  Be sure to be a team player!

Step 1:  let the wheel decide your role.  Turn the wheel.

Step 2: After each of you has its role, you will do some research about the life of the Real Pirates of the Caribbean.  Find the "Pirate Info" sheet on the table in the front of the classroom (you will only need one  per group.)  Use the following resources to find information to answer the questions and fill the map.

First, train with this interactive map

Learn about pirates and privateers

Lean about Sir walter Raleigh

Pieces of eight


Talk like a pirate

The spanish Armada

Routes taken by the Pirates



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