Le Corbusier, Villa Savoye in Poissy-sur-Seine, France



In order to complete your task, you need to research the given websites to figure out what styles and processes Le Corbusier used for his designs:

STEP 1 Download the visual glossary on architecture and the glossary attached to this page (they will be useful tools for your job), then watch the video on Villa Savoy at the end of the page.

STEP 2 Write a brief synthesis of the main characteristics of International Style reading the first three paragraphs of the following web page http://www.visual-arts-cork.com/architecture/international-style.htm

STEP 3 You will also read a Le Corbusier's biography in http://www.artnet.com/artists/le-corbusier/biography, then write your own brief biography of the artist in the inside front panel of your brochure.

STEP 4 In order to complete your task, your brochure will describe what style and processes Le Corbusier used for his designs.  You will read https://www.khanacademy.org/humanities/art-1010/architecture-20c/a/corbusier-savoye

If you have already included in your brochure the items of the following list, you are on the right track:

  1. Explanation of the Five Points of Architecture.
  2. The meaning of Le Corbusier's statement "The house should be a machine for living in".
  3. Description of Ville Savoy

STEP 5 Prepare a presentation where your group will share your knowledge about Le Corbusier and practice enough times to ensure a smooth delivery.

A CURIOSITY. The Savoy family was the first to own a car in the area, and Le Corbusier included features in the design of the house to accommodate the vehicle. For instance, there is a ramp for the car leading into the garage and the driveway, the curve of which equals the turning radius of a 1927 Citroen large car. The interior of the house, which also contains ramps (as well as a spiral stairway) echoes the ramps and curve of the driveway.


VIDEO Villa Savoye, The Five Points of a New Architecture ArchDaily


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