Firstly, we must know verb in grammar and the different between tenses. English requires a thorough understanding of how verbs are used. Even the best speakers and writers sometimes have some troubles in choosing the appropriate or correct form of a verb for a sentence. So, we have to know too what a verb is.

  1. What is a verb?
  2. What is a tense?
  3. Verb tenses - An important use of the verb is to indicate when something happens. It's the tense of a verb that tells you if something is happening right now, was happening at some time in the past or will be happening at some time in the future.
  4. 16 tenses forms - Below, there is a link contained about the summary of 16 tenses forms. It's available in English and Bahasa.
  5. How to use it? - We often get confused in using the correct forms of the verb 'be going to' or present perfect continuous. How about past perfect and past perfect continuous?. Thus I included the link to teach us more about it.
  6. Irregular verbs - You may encounter some irregular verbs. To help you to discover more of the irregular verbs here I embed too the link about irregular verbs.
  7. Another Exercise - Below, there is a link that you can use to try another exercise to re-check if you really understood the lesson.
  8. Writing - Write a short paragraph not less than 3 sentences using the correct verb tenses that is expressing the past, present, and future action.

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