Lesson Plan For kindergarten




    Level                   : Kindergarten

    Time                    :Approximate  35  minutes

    Theme                 : Musical Instruments

   Teaching Points

              - Vocabulary     :Musical instruments on a picture

                                          - Skill                :Listen and imitate the names of musical instruments

                                                                                                 - Song               : I am the music man


         - The children will be able to recognize names of musical instruments in English.

         - The children will be able to listen and imitate the word about musical instruments with a good pronunciation

             - The children will be able to answer a question about musical instrument


              - Pictures

Lesson Steps in Sequence

               -  greeting

             - The teacher shows a picture of musical instruments on the screen to the children and asks them to repeat together.

                      - The teacher show the question about musical instrument and ask some    children one by one to say “ what is favorite instrument do you like?”and ask her/ him to imitate it togethe

            -Before ending up the lesson, the teacher and the children sing a song “I   am The Music Man” .

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