How are the landscapes and ecosystems in Colombia?



 Activities step by step:

1.  After knowing the name of your teammates, get together in groups. Taking into account the type of ecosystem assigned and the Colombian landscape to observe,  you will work together on writing a descriptive paragraph about it. Don't forget every member has to be involve in the process.

2. In different parts of this webquest you will find resources like videos and links of pages that are going to help you to build a clear idea about the type of landscapes, ecosystems and the Colombian Bio-diversity. Go to the bottom of the sections and check them out. 

3. Start setting down ideas to write your descriptive paragraph based on the video called "step by step to write a paragraph" which will guide you while developing the task. Remember to include as many details as you can. You can use Microsoft word to write the paragraph.

5- finally, use the paragraph's most important aspects to create a presentation using google slides. You can use images, gifs, colors, etc. Google Slides

 4- After revising the final product save the  files (document and the presentation) and send it to the teacher's E-mail: santiagoa.sanjosevegas.edu.co (Remember to include your names in both, the slides and the document with the paragraph).


Web Link

Web Link
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    Description: Here your are going to have a review about how to use there is and there are.
Video about Types of Ecosystems
Step by step to write a paragraph

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