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Step #1

To get an understanding of what specie diversity is and to formulate a definition for plant specie diversity, please visit the following websites below listed as step 2.

Both websites will provide definitions for specie diversity. After reading, you are expected to develop your own definition of plant species diversity based on what you have read. This should be done individually and recorded you your note book. 

Step #2

After developing a definition for plant specie diversity, you are expected to create a list of areas around you where there is evidence of plant specie diversity and also list the different species of plants that exist in such ecosystem.

Step #3

Learn about the sampling methods of species by visiting the sites below labeled as step 3.

NB. Website numbered 2 under step #3 has three pages. Do read the first page alone.
Step #4

How to use a quadrat. By watching the following YouTube video, you'll be able to better understand what a quadrat is and how to use one in the field.

After watching the video, students are expected to divide themselves into groups and write a series of steps demonstration how to use a quadrat to determine plant specie diversity in an area. 

Step #5

As a class students will discuss the steps that they've written to compile and have a single series of steps as a class. After the discussion students will conduct a study on the plant specie diversity on the school's play field. The students will follow the series of steps that they have listed. Each plant seem in the sample should be recorded along with their numbers and also all unknown plants should be given individuals names. 

N.B. All activities executed will be guided by the teacher, 


Photo showing plant specie diversity
Description: Can you identify the different species of plants within the photo?

Web Link

Web Link
Quadrat sampling and population dispersion

Description: Step 4

Web Link
Quadrat Sampling
Description: This photo is showing the use of a quadrat.... Can you identify how many plant species are within the quadrat ?

Web Link

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