Food Borne Illness/Food Safety



Task #1- The first task you will be performing is an online pretest on food safety to test your knowledge! Use the "task #1" weblink below to get to the test. After you've taken the test, open up a google doc and record two pieces of information you learned from taking the pre-quiz. 

Task #2-
The second task you will preform is to familiarize yourself with food borne illness using the weblink below labeled "task #2". Use the same google doc as you used in Task #1 to answer the questions below: 
  • In your own words, summarize what a food borne illness is. 
  • What are general symptoms of a food borne illness?
  • How many deaths and illnesses does food borne illness cause in a year? 
  • Using the table, list 4 food borne illnesses that could occur.

Task #3- The third task you will preform is to learn about how to prevent food borne illness using the four steps of food safety. On the same google doc as you used for task #1,2, & 3  follow the instructions listed below: 
  • For each step of food safety (clean, separate, cook, & chill), summarize how it is used to prevent food borne illnes
Task #4- The fourth task you will preform is to see how food borne illness is affecting our nation right now! Surf the food safety news website, listed below, to find a news article about a food borne illness outbreak. On the same google doc that you used for the previous tasks, summarize your article including the following in your summary: 
  • What the cause of the outbreak was? 
  • Who and how many people were affected?
  • How could this outbreak been prevented? (remember the four steps to food safety) 

Task #5- The final task will be creating a poster on one selected food borne illness. Using the website from task #1, pick one food borne illness and create a poster including the aspects listed below: 
  • Name of illness 
  • symtoms
  • causes 
  • prevention 
  • pictures 
You may use what you'd like for this poster, but it does need to be electronic. Some options may be google doc, google drawing, or google slides. 


Web Link
  • Task #4 Website
    Description: Use this link to find a food borne illness article

Web Link
  • Task #2 Website
    Description: Use this Website for Task #1 to answer the questions.

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