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Each group please review the criteria for each section below and write a story for each group's newspaper after researching the various topics. Your stories will be entered into the newspaper template provided.

Copy and paste this link to open the newspaper template:

Newspaper Template





Role #1: Revoultionary War Battle Story Journalist

Your article should summarize the following information:

A) Answers to the 5 "W" questions (who, what, why, when, where)

B) A description of the action

C) Key participants from the American and British side

D) Date and specific location of the battle

E) Which side won the battle

*You will also locate a picture and write a caption to go along with it that describes the battle you are writing about.

Suggested Battles:

Lexington, Brandywine, Long Island, Saratoga, Savannah, Yorktown, Concord, Princeton, Bunker Hill, Fort Ticonderoga


Here are some links that will provide you with information on major battles of the American Revolution:


Copy and paste the following links:







Role #2: Revolutionary War Hero/Leader/V.I.P. Story Journalist

Your article should summarize the following information:

A) Which side the person supported

B) A summary of their major accomplishments

C) A description of how their life ended

*You will also locate a picture and write a caption of the person you write your summary about.

Suggested Leaders/Heroes:

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Adams, John Paul Jones, Edward Braddock, King George III, Joseph Martin, Ethan Allen, Benedict Arnold, Charles Cornwallis


Here are some links that may provide you with online information about the American Revolution:


Copy and paste the following links:








Role #3: Unsung Hero Story Journalist


Your are to write an article that summarizes a chosen group or an individual that

played a key role during the American Revolution that may not have received the

attention they deserved.


A) Describe the key people that were involved

B) Discuss any accomplishments they are remembered for


*You will also locate a picture and write a caption of the unsung hero you write your summary about.


Suggested Topics:

Women, Native Americans, African Americans


Here are some links that will lead you to information about the American Revolutionary War.

Copy and paste the following links:














Role #4: Revolutionary War Facts and Quotations Journalist


1) You are to write an article about 10 chosen facts that you think are interesting.


A) You will research and choose 10 facts about the war that you think are very interesting and what you think others may learn from.

B) Your facts should be written in complete sentences and provide specific details that carefully describe your selection.

*You will also include at least one picture and write a caption of whatever the fact is you include in your article.

2) You are also to choose 3 quotations and their authors that will be remembered during the American Revolution.


*You will also include a picture of the author of the quotation with a caption written by you.


Here are some links that will lead you to information about the American Revolution.


Copy and paste the following links:















*EVERY GROUP MEMBER: Free Choice/Opinion Article


Each one of you will write an article summarizing a topic of your choice and it can be opinion-based.


*You will also include a photo with a caption to describe your topic.



Suggested Topics:

Music, Uniforms, Flags, Weapons



Here are some online resources to help guide you in your research:


Copy and paste the following links:








American Memory:


CIA World Factbook, includes information about the U.S.:






Other Resources:


You do NOT have to use these resources, but are here for you to use as a starting

point for your research. You are welcome to do an Internet search for your topic,

consult the resources in our class and school library, and/or utilize your social

studies textbook. I have also included resources above in the role description that

are specific to that article topic.


5 Print Resources:

For small group readings:
Below-Level book: The Struggle for Independence
On-Level book: Valley Forge
Above-Level book: Spying in the American Revolution


(all the topics are on the American Revolution, including similar vocabulary like INDEPENDENCE)

Independent Reading:

Basic level-George Washington's Teeth by Chandra, Deborah and Madeleine Comora

Proficient level-The Signers: The 56 Stories Behind the Declaration of Independence by Dennis B. Fradin

Advanced level- George Washington, Spymaster: How the Americans Outspied the British and Won the Revolutionary War by Thomas B. Allen





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