Music in The Wonderful World of Disney



Assignment 1: Here is the moment of truth. Your task is to selected a snippet (3-7 minutes) from any one of Walt Disney's animated pictures and explain using the MLA format in at least 2-4 pages how significant the music is to that animated feature. You are to answer questions like: What would this scene be like without music? Does the music enhance the clip? If so, how? Does the music take away from what's happening? If so, how? You must be as convincing as an attorney when explaining how important or how unimportant the music is. Explain why you chose the clip. Use themes, sounds, and/or identify chord progressions (I, IV, V, I; I, IV, V, vi...etc.), cadences (Perfect authentic, Imperfect authentic, half, deceptive, Plagal) and/or chord qualities(major, minor, augmented, diminished) that establish and elicit certain moods and/or emotions, etc.

Assignment 2:But that's not all! After you've completed an analysis of a clip and turned in the paper. You will have an opportunity to compose your own score for a short film. Directions for this procedure are as follows: First, select a 1-2 minute animated  clip from a movie, television show, or YouTube (this clip does not have to be from a Disney movie but must be appropriate and approved by the teacher before use).  Next, your teacher will assist you in extracting the sound from the clip you have selected and properly citing the clip as a resource. Following the extraction step, you will use musical notation software, preferably Finale or Sibelius 7 {both of which are provided to you}, to compose a short composition that fits the scene. Not to worry, this task isn't as hard as it sounds though it will be a challenge. Nevertheless, once you have completed this assignment you will share you product with the class and you will officially be a young film scorer.

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