Debate on: "Brain Drain or Brain Gain ?"



  •       1) Learn and expand vocabulary about Brain Drain.
                   A) Use an online dictionary (English - English) and define the meaning of  Brain Drain and Brain Gain.
                   B) What do you think the reasons behind the Brain Grain? List them.
                   C) Match the words in column A with those in column B to make collocations.



  • Brain
  • Low
  • Attract
  • Developed
  • High
  • Skilled
  • -          Technology
  • -          Drain
  • -          Workers
  • -          Countries
  • -          Pay
  • -          Attention

               D) Read the following text and do the comprehension questions.

  •       2) A conference with an African scientist 
  •       A) Get involved:

  •       With your  group, answer the following questions, and then share your ideas with the whole class (discussions of ideas will be held later in the classroom).

  •       1- Which countries do African skilled and talented professionals emigrate to?
  •       2- Is this emigration positive or negative for Africa and host countries? Explain.

  •       B) Listen and discover: 

  •       Listen to the conference about Brain Drain by Mr. Philip Emeagwali.

  •       1- What is Philip Emeagwali famous for?
  •       2- What award did he get in 1989?
  •       3- How is he described in the media?
  •       4- What is Philip Emeagwali's country of origin?
  •       5- The main concern of the speaker is to:
  •                   a -  describe the brain drain phenomenon.
  •                   b -  explain brain drain's effects.  
  •                   c -  stop brain drain in Africa.
  •                   d -  reverse brain drain into brain gain.

  •       C) Listen again and answer these questions.
  •        1- How can the UN help in controlling brain drain?
  •        2- Is brain drain responsible for Africa's problems? Explain.
  •        3- How does Philip Emeagwali compare brain drain to slavery?
  •        4- Why can't the speaker return to his motherland?
  • 3) Writing:

  •     Brain Drain: For or Against?

  •      Brain drain is a common phenomenon in the world, especially in the under-developed countries. It means the  movement of highly qualified people from their home country to another one, driven by the lacks of development  opportunities in their home land. Brain drain can be bad for the home country, but it can also be positive.

      ==> Write an argumentative essay about this phenomenon (approximately 250 wors).

  •       4) Debate:
  • After the discussion of the teams; (brain drain group) and (brain gain group) outside the classroom, there will be a debate in the classroom where each group will convince the other one with their opinions and ideas.      


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Philip Emeagwali - Pan African Conference on Brain Drain

Description: Turning brain drain into brain gain

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