What is podcasting? 

Essentially it is something -- an essay, poem, story, speech -- which you record into a digital recorder, and then upload that audio file to the Web. In order to do an audio story, you need to approach it as you would any story or poem or essay.

You always need to write a SCRIPT and practice before you try to record your PODCAST.

Here is an idea for a podcast that helps you understand how to do it. The idea is The Big Learning Moment This Year:

  • 1. Brainstorm. Think of a big learning moment this year in World Geography; it could be an event, an idea, or a part of the world you never knew much about before; it could be something that you remember clearly about something you're passionate about - helping others, how we as humans are impacting the environment. What was it? What is a story that could come out of it?  Why was it so memorable? What details do you remember? How do you tell the story? How do you start?

  • 2. The Idea. Jot down your story idea. One paragraph or two. Just get down the elements to the story.  This is the start of a script.

  • 3. First draft. Do some background research.  What do you need to finish out the details of the story/idea?  Use information you already have obtained in class, or research and find new information to help at to the story.  Then write the script.

  • 4. Revision. Read it aloud. Any place your tongue trips up, smooth out the words.

  • 5. Final read. Read the second version aloud. Like it? Is it your natural voice? Any words sound unwieldy, like something you wouldn't speak? Change them.

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