Earthquake Alert!



You will be working on this on your own outsideof the Science and English class. 

The information you gather will be used tocompose a written work. 

Follow these steps in order to complete your final task which will be worth one grade. 

Remember you have been given two weeks to complete this special written work. Don't waste time!

Step 1 - First, you must visit the following link: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/learn/kids/eqscience.php , and read everything that it is explained in the website. This website includes valuable general information of earthquakes that can help you gather information in order to complete the other steps. 

Step 2 - Read the following list of famous historical earthquakes. Below each special earthquake you will find links of videos, newspaper articles, websites, or images that can help you learn more about each of them. Don't limit yourselves! You can broaden your knowledge by doing your own research or exploration using the internet as a resource.

2008 Sichuan Province China Earthquake

2011 Great East Japan Earthquake also known as 'Tahoku Earthquake'

2005 Kashmir Pakistan Earthquake
2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake

2014 Chile's Earthquake
Step 3 - Chose the earthquake that impressed you the most and that you choose to write about. 

Step 4 - You are now going to complete a written narrative essay that will include an appropriate introduction paragraph, 3 body paragraphs, and a strong conclusion. It must include the following information: summary of basic general information and details about earthquakes; explain how do they occur; describe how earthquakes can damage property; explain the importance on being able to be prepared for their occurrence;  state clearly the earthquake that you chose and mention the date and place of where it happened; include the effects of that earthquakes had on the geology of that area, death rates, and important details, etc. Each paragraph must include at least five sentences. If you have any doubt or any trouble remembering the guidelines previously studied to follow in writing an essay please visit the following link: http://www.irsc.edu/uploadedFiles/Students/AcademicSupportCenter/WritingLab/E3-Narration-Essay-Guidelines.pdf

Step 5 - Include the references you used in order to complete your written work.

Step 6 - Bring pictures that represent any of these earthquakes in order to complete and create a collage of the topic in the classroom.

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