The US Constitution: Owner's Manual for America



Part One:  The Preamble and the Articles

      The Constitution begins with a Preamble, or introduction.  Using the video on the website below, learn the words to the Preamble.  Write them out in the Preamble section of the US Constitution: Preamble and Articles worksheet.  Be prepared to recite (or sing!) the Preamble. 

       Next, write out the Preamble in your own words.  You may find the following website useful in understanding certain terms:

       Next, the Constitution is broken up into seven sections, or Articles.  Use the following websites to complete the Articles worksheet:

Part Two:  The Three Branches of Government and Checks and Balances

      The Constitution sets up a three-part government in which no part is more powerful than the other two.  Each branch can check, or limit, the power of the other two, which provides a careful balance to the way our government operates.  First, check out this video about the three branches of government:

       Next, investigate what the three branches of the government are, who they are made up of, and what they do:

       Finally, research the ways that each branch can check, or limit, the power of the other two, helping to maintain the delicate balance of our government:

          Complete the US Constitution: Checks and Balances worksheet with this section.

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