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Step 1 – Point. “Square up” to the ball so that you, the ball, and the target are in a 
straight line, and then place your “plant” (non-passing) foot about four inches from the 
side of the ball, pointing towards the target. The direction of the plant foot is important 
because that is the direction that the ball will go when struck properly. The plant foot can 
be placed towards the middle or back of the ball, whichever is more comfortable. 
Step 2 – Lock. Turn your striking foot so that the inside is facing the ball and then 
“lock” the ankle by picking the foot off of the ground while pulling the toes up. Your 
foot should be level with the center of the ball, and your knee should be bent. 
Step 3 – Push. Push the ball towards the target with your striking foot, making contact 
with the arch, just below the anklebone. Do not jab at the ball or make contact with the 
side of your big toe – a nice even push making contact with the arch will result in a solid 
pass that goes straight to the target. 
Step 4 – Step. Continue to follow through with your “push” so that you take a step 
towards the target with your striking foot. It is this follow-through step that gives the 
pass its power. 


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