How to make puppets or marionettes out of clay.


Most puppets begin as an idea.  The idea defines how a puppet will be made.  Will it be a marionette?  Then it will need detailed drawings of the moving parts.  Will it be a hand puppet? Then it will need a drawingof the head and the hands of the character.  Then, a drawing is made.  It might be a simple pencil drawing. or a complicated one.

Here are some links you can go to before you start drawing your puppet:

Look for a marionette in a red shoe that one is really cool!!


Look at all the puppets they have in their arms.  They have made them all!!


This ones cool they do a real claymation makings of a movie!!


Super cool puppets made out of polymer clay!!


They show you how to make a simple marionette in this one.


These puppets are gigantic!!!


after looking at all these links you should have some idea of what kind of a puppet you want to make.  Use the rubric on the attachment for drawing out your puppet.



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    Description: Rubric for Puppet Drawing

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