Classroom Objects for 7th graders



Step One>Brainstorm your ideas

  • Think about the items you need everyday to accomplish your school chores. 
  • Which ones do you consider more important or useful?

Step Two>Watch the video below.

  • Pay attention to the video which illustrates different classroom objects (also known as classroom items) in order to recognize each object as you go through the task.

Step Three>What is it?

  • Gather in couples. Then, in each pair, creates at least five different riddles. Each riddle has to be related to classroom objects.

  • Download the document provided below (Word Doc) and use it as a guide for your own riddles. Be creative, enjoy!

  • Share your riddles to the rest of the class.

  • Example:

                     Without fingers, I point,
                     without arms, I strike,
                     without feet, I run.
                     What am I?

                          Answer: A clock

Step Four> Crossword

  • Make your own Crossword using as clues descriptions of different classroom objects you use everyday at home or in the classroom.

  • You can generate your crossword with crosswords labs which is an easy platform for designing this kind of games. Then, save your crossword in .pdf format and send it to marvingn23@gmail.com

  • For this work you need to create some similar clues or hints as you did in the Step Three (What is it?).

Step Five>
Put into practice what you know

  • Complete the written exercises provided in the following link. Once you complete all the exercises, click on the DONE button in order to check your answers.

Be creative!



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