Ten Little Rubber Ducks with Ordinal Numbers



First of all, you will choose a good and productive partner you would like to work with.

Next, the two of you will access a computer and work together on a fun and exciting game. You and your partner will need to go on to the Internet and access a game called Squiggle’s Apples.
Squiggly, a friendly worm is hiding in one of the apples displayed on the screen. You and your partner will need to click on the ordinal number that tells the order of Squiggle’s apple. This game has 10 questions and you and your partner need to work together to answer all ten questions.

After you have completed Squiggle’s adventures you can click on the following link and learn more about ordinal numbers. http://www.abc.net.au/countusin/games/game4.htm

After you have completed the last game, you and your partner will need to get a copy of Ten Little Rubber Ducks from the classroom library. You and your partner will buddy read the story of Ten Little Rubber Ducks. (If students are too little, teacher can read aloud the story).

Next, return to your desk and work with your partner on sequencing events using ordinal numbers. You will recall the events from Ten Little Rubber Ducks by drawing pictures of the story in the correct order. Use the following website to get a sequencing map. http://alphaapple.com/StoryMap1.pdf. Share any experience that you might have experienced when it comes to being lost or lost something with your partner. Discuss with your partner possible adventures another duck could have experienced if it had fallen of the cargo ship

Finally, cut out ten paper ducks. http://www.getodd.com/duck/coloring.html
 Use the ducks to follow the directions given from the teacher. Using the paper ducks, line them up on your desk. Identify different ordinal positions of the ducks after receiving instruction from the teacher.

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