Corporate Social Responsibility - It's a win-win, right?



To begin you will learn the key terms and concepts associated with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Using two sources, define corporate social responsibility. With the aid of these three sources write a definition of corporate social responsibility in your own words. 
Suggested Sites To Visit:

Then after visiting the sites listed above and defined CSR, please go to the HSC Online website below to read about the influences on the operations of a business


Take note of the following:

*    the difference between legal compliance and ethical responsibility
*    environmental sustainability and social responsibility

Also listen to the YouTube video below - "What is Corporate Social Responsibility?"

Now that you have learned what corporate social responsibility is, along with other influences on the operations of a business, let's investigate further with real case studies. Choose your assigned case study and answer the questions in the attached document below - "In-class case study questions" 
This activity would allow you identify and evaluate the corporate social performance and activities of the companies.


International law firm Allens Arthur Robinson: http://www.deloitte.com/view/en_au/au/71e78be194e60310VgnVCM1000001a56f00aRCRD.htm
SONY Australia: http://www.sony.com.au/section/csr

Once you've completed the worksheet, go and quiz yourself to test your knowledge on CSR in this site:

Now for your group presentation...
Research a local business or organization of your choosing and create a presentation (using PowerPoint or Prezi) about how socially responsible they are or not. Include the following in your presentation:

  • an attractive title slide introducing the topic
  • the business/organization you chose and a brief background about what they do and how they run their business/organization
  • What CSR venture you are proposing. This section should include information on the following:
                 a. What are the benefits?
                 b. What are the costs?
                 c. Who will benefit? (Customers, employees, employers, everyone?)
                 d. How does it fit into the business model?
                 e. What are the connections to the business?
                 f. Will it be a continuous effort or short-term?
                 g. How can people get involved?
  • Address any issues such as motivations or concerns of being socially responsible
  • Then conclude with your personal stance on corporate social responsibility and why

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