Life After High School: Where Will I Go From Here?



Step 1: Research: Students will research careers of interest by exploring at least three different types of career exploration websites.

 HOT TIPS: Here are a few to explore

http://www.bls.gov/ooh/(employment trends)

www.CareerInfo.Net(Career, salary, and trends)

www.MyMajors.com(College and Majors)

www.Salary.com(How much will I make?)

http://public.careercruising.com/us/en(Cruise through your destiny)

Step 2: Career Planning: Students will take the information they gathered from their research, and chose one career to explore further.  Students will research their chosen career and develop a journal that outlines an individualized Life Plan, to include continued education, interviews, internships, academic support and any other requirements necessary to ultimately obtain a job in their field of interest.

Step 3: Presentation: Students will develop a PowerPoint presentation  which chronicles their career exploration journey, as well as a brief outline of their first day on the job in their chosen field. The PowerPoint should address the following criteria:

1.               What is the career you have chosen?  

2.              Address the education required to be successful in this career.

3.              What level of education is required?  What kinds of degrees?  What are some schools that offer these types of degrees? (if applicable)

4.              What type of additional training? How long? (if applicable)

5.               What is the general salary range?

6.               What are the everyday responsibilities of someone in this career?

7.              Make sure to properly credit the sources you referenced on the last slide of your

presentation in APA format. APA-link (Use this link to check APA rules)

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