World Population



Part 1: Spend time with the RESOURCES.  Select two or three resources and spend some time with them.  Read a blog, spend time playing with population pyramids, watch and take notes on a video or two...etc.  By spending time with various resources you will obtain information that can help you create your ESSENTIAL QUESTION.

Part 2: Create your ESSENTIAL QUESTION.  Think about what you have learned while spending time with a few resources.  What caught your attention?  What was interesting?  What was surprising to you?  These are the things to think about as you develop your question. 

Part 3: RESEARCH your Essential Question.  Starting with the information you obtained from Part 1, continue searching for information that will help you thoroughly answer your question.

Part 4: Using the INFORMATION you have gathered from a variety of sources, ANSWER your Essential Question.  (You may choose the format of your FINAL PRODUCT, but check with your teacher to make sure it is appropriate

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