Travel through Time


Research the links below to answer the following questions:


1.  Who was the President in 1789?


2.  Who was his Vice President?  How was he (the Vice President) chosen?  It was

     done differently in colonial times.


3.  Were there political parties in colonial times?  Name the most important



4.  How many years did the first President serve?  How many terms of office did

     that equal?



  • The first link is to the White House website:



  • The next link is a site that tells how you become president:


  •  The third link has information on Vice Presidents:




  • Theses last two links contain information on political parties:






  • After finding the answers to the above questions (be sure to answer all parts of the questions), create one newspaper from April 1789, and one from November to the present day. 


  • Your newspaper must be formatted using columns, and include information from all four questions.  Refer (check) your rubric on the evaluation page to make sure you include all that is required.


  • Finally, type a brief comparison (one paragraph) between the two newspapers.


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