Road Trip!!!!


After you have been assigned a partner, and a color, the first thing you should do is choose a destination!  (Keep in mind, it must be a place you can drive to)
There are different things that you must figure out for this project.

Mileage: Determine the mileage from point A to point B. (Where you will be leaving from, and where your destination is).  Visit www.mapquest.com  or www.aaa.com to find driving directions and maps.

Transportation: Unless you plan on walking, you’re going to have to rent a car!  If you found the AAA website easy to navigate, you can go back there to find deals on rental cars.  Otherwise, you have many different options, such as Hertz, Enterprise, and Budget rental car to name just a few.  You need to choose your type of car, and determine the price of the car for the amount of time you will be on your trip.

Gas:  Based on the mileage from here to your destination, you will need to determine how much gas you will need.  Let’s assume that gas is at a constant rate of $3.20 across the country.  Use this as a standard for your gas costs:
• A small car will usually have a 14 gallon tank, and get about 25 miles per gallon of gas.
• A mid-sized car will usually have a 16 gallon tank, and get about 20 miles per gallon of gas.
• An SUV will usually have a 19 gallon tank, and get about 18 miles per gallon of gas.

Hotel:  If you have a hotel chain in mind, then you can check hotel websites to get rates for your dates of choice.  If you would like to shop around, www.hotels.com is very helpful in getting you cheap rates.

Meals:  You will need to budget a meal allowance for each day that you are on your trip.  Whether you are eating on the road while traveling, or sitting down to a nice dinner, you need to make sure you have enough money to eat three meals a day. (hint hint…some hotels have a complimentary breakfast)

Attractions:  What are you going to do on your vacation?  Is your favorite band playing while you’re in town?  Are you going to an amusement park?  Find ticket prices, or costs of attractions you would like to explore while on vacation.

Souvenirs:  If you’d like to budget in some money for souvenirs or extra spending cash, go for it!

Here is a chart to help you organize your information.

Presentation:  Each pair will be responsible for presenting their budget to the class, in a poster or power point format, following the criteria set forth in the rubric.

• Green Group: Along with preparing a poster or power point for presentation, you will be given a map.  You will take different colored push pins, and indicate your starting and stopping points.  You will also estimate about how far you will be able to travel before having to stop for gas, and show this with a different colored push pin.

• Blue Group: Along with preparing a poster or power point presentation, you will be asked to show the class different hotel options.  How would your overall budget change if you stayed at the Hilton, as opposed to the Holiday Inn?  Choose three hotel options and explain what is included with each.
You will also need to write a reflection on the information that you gathered, and what you have learned from this assignment.

• Yellow Group: You will be responsible for detailing your travel route on a map as well, with different colored push pins.  You will also have to create a power point presentation or poster to show the class your vacation budget.  You will be asked to be a little more specific with your rental car information.  Choose your rental car, and find out specific information on the car, such as highway miles per gallon, how big the tank is etc.  Using your map, determine where exactly you will stop for gas on the way (don’t run your car on fumes!), and explain the impact on your budget if you rented a larger car vs. a smaller one.

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