Bicycle Safety: The Importance of Wearing a Safety Helmet



1. The class will be split into 3 teams. Team A is responsibile for learning the essential tools and accessories needed to wear in order to safely ride your bicycle. Team B is focusing on learning the rules of the road, and finally Team C will learn the proper hand signals required when making a turn.

2. After Teams are split up equally, as a collective classroom group, various videos are to be watched by the students, here are a few examples of some videos that could suffice for the purpose of this lesson. Each child is to watch all the videos, but each respective group takes notes individually on their Team's group topic.

3. After watching the videos, the teams are to split up and discuss what they have learned. Copies of the videos or access to the online videos should be available for reviewing by the students if necessary.

4. Over the next couple of days, various guest speakers from the Police Department, Fire Department and Hospital Staff should be brought into the classroom to explain the reprecussions of not taking bicycle safety seriously and what could happen should an accident occur. Planning a class trip to visit these stations if possible is strongly recommended to reinforce the reality of the situation.

5. Next, the students are to each write a paragraph summary of the group discussion in their own words. This can be done with the group or at home because it is not due until the presentation day.

6. Finally, the last step is to create the poster displaying each Team's respective topic. The poster should explain in as much detail as possible the topic as well as allow each student the opportunity to speak a little about what they learned during the videos and the guest speakers. Presentations should not last more than 8 minutes depending on how many members are in the groups.

7. The last day should be reflection time on what has been learned and allow the students to put into practice what they have learned (safety items to wear such as helmet, knee and elbow pads, etc) proper ettique when crossing the street at a crosswalk and how to pass a car, as well as proper hand signals when riding a bicycle are demonstrated and perfected. This is also the day that the paragraph summaries are to be turned in.


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