Aquatic Ecosystems (aka Aquatic Biomes)



1.  You will randomly draw your aquatic ecosystem.

2.  You will review the various resources provided in this Webquest.

3.  You will meet with your teacher and discuss any and all concerns pertaining to the brochure assignment.

4.  You will research and compile your aquatic ecosystem information:
  • Location description
  • Climate description
  • Minimum of 3 examples of flora and their adaptation to the ecosystem (e.g. photo/illustration & information)
  • Minimum of 3 examples of fauna and their adaptation to the ecoystem (e.g. photo/illustration & information)
  • One food-web, food-chain, and/or energy pyramid consisting of all trophic levels (e.g. decomposers, producers, primary-tertiary consumers)
  • Ecological-environmental significance of the ecosystem as it relates to both humans, plants, and animals (e.g. Deciduous forests provide humans with raw materials such as timber for construction as well as, prevent soil erosion due to root systems maintaining the integrity of soil.  Deciduous forests also provide all living organisms with oxygen as well as, house many diverse species of plants and animals)


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