Choosing a Checking Account



Read about checking accounts and how to select them. 


Research checking accounts at the Find a Better Bank website to locate checking accounts in your area based on your needs. 
  • Print the comparison worksheet.
  • Navigate to Find a Better Bank website
  • Enter your zip code in the provided field to locate banks closest to you
  • In the search pop up, deselect the "include branchless/Internet Banks" option
  • Search for the bank within 25 miles of your zip code
  • Read through each of the features using the "description" hyperlink
  • Specify your features, based on if it's nice to have, must have, or you don't care.
  • Fill out the Estimate Your Fees page
  • Review the options
  • Narrow down to two checking accounts and mark the features on your comparison chart
*** Make a note of the bank's website on your comparison chart.

  • In a group of three, discuss the features you encountered in your search.
  • Individually, decide which checking account is most appealing to you and mark it at the bottom of your comparison worksheet. 
  • Read through the Open a Banking Account in 7 East Steps article to understand what you need to do
  • Navigate to your chosen bank's website and locate the checking account name you choose
  • Print and fill out the My Checking Account Worksheet
  • Turn in the completed My Checking Account worksheet with the comparison worksheet (staple them together)

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