Identity Theft



First, you will be assigned to a group of four.  Each of you will determine the role that you will play in your detective agency by selecting a specific investigative role.  (See Roles under Task) You will conduct research to find the answers to the questions your role is responsible for and then bring your information back to the agency.  (See Attachment #2).  Once you have established your role, begin your research to find materials to use to produce the following projects.  YOU ARE NOT assuming a role, based on one of these projects.  The projects must be completed as a group.  A list of suggested web sites can be found in Attachment #3.


1.  Use Microsoft Publisher to produce a tri-fold brochure that includes the

     following information:


     *  What is identity theft?

     *  What can you do to protect yourself against identity theft?

     *  What should you do if your identity is stolen?

     *  How does identity theft affect your financial status?

     *  What affect is identity theft having on the economy?


    Make sure topics are listed in a logical order.  Use at least three images

    that are appropriate and related to the topic.  Use a pull quote that contains

    a statistic about identity theft.  Use other attributes that enhance the

    brochure and make it attractive and readable.



2.  Use Microsoft Power Point to produce a 15 slide presentation that includes

     the following information:


     *  Identify identity theft and discuss the ways it occurs.  (Refer to the

         Vocabulary Words.  (See Attachment 1) (No more than three slides).

     *  Show at least three ways to protect yourself and prevent identity theft.

         (Three slides)

     *  Provide the legal actions, financial actions, who to call, etc. that one can

         take if their identity is stolen. (Three slides)

     *  Provide ways to reconstruct your identity and discuss the affects that this

         process can have on your financial status. (Three slides)

     *  Use the last three slides to discuss the affect identity theft has on the

        economy, some statistics about identity theft, and why it is the nation's

        fastest growing crime.


     Apply an appropriate theme to the presentation.  Apply appropriate graphics

     and clip art.  Apply transaction and animation as needed.  Remember your

     audience.  All members of your group MUST have some input on the




3.  Use Microsoft Word to produce a three column news article to be published in

     the school newspaper that includes the following:


     *  Why has identity theft become the fastest growing crime?

     *  What types of preventive measures can be used and which ones work

         better than others?

     *  What are the affects of identity theft on the economy?  What can be done

         to deter the negative affects?

     *  Suggestions (at least five) to encourage people in your community to

        protect themselves.

     *  Invite the community to the next PTSA meeting to learn more.


4.  Use Microsoft Word to produce a one-page flyer that includes the following



     *  A catchy phrase about identity theft to get reader's attention

     *  Date, time, place of the PTSA meeting

     *  Topics of discussion

     *  Contact information


A checklist is provided for your use to help with organizing information and making sure all topics are covered.  (See attachment #2)


Also a list of web sites is available to help guide your research.  You may print one copy of the list, or copy and paste the attached list into a Word document.  (see attachment #3)



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