Request-Connect With the Community of People With Disabilities



There are four levels to this journey. Pick the level which suits you best.

For a beginner - Get inspired by viewing the entire webquest by yourself. Respond by writing your thoughts about the quest in your journal.

Developing - Get a friend to view the webquest with you. Work with your partner to write reflections and ideas in your journal, about every step.

Very Good - Find someone at school or in the community with a disability to join you on the quest. Assign roles, everyone has special contributions, be sure to share the load. There could be a secretary, camera man, time keeper, navigator, writer.

Mastery - Form a community awareness group to do the webquest together. Your group might resemble the Oprah's Book of the Month Club or like the Art or Chess Club at school. Have fun, the more the merrier. You could have a President, secretary, Director of Films, Computer Tech. Artist, Fundraising Treasurer. You will gain collaboration skills, and also other skills while you Design your group's Logo, Business Cards, Stationary and other things. This could also lead to creating your own Web Site, Movies, Songs, the Sky is the limit!


  • Watch the film clips in each section. Think about what you would like to ask the person in the video.
  • Respond by writing your reactions in a journal, then talk about your feelings with your friends or use the social media like Facebook and Twitter to find out how other people with similar interests and experiences feel.
  • Vision Statement - In your Journal, you should collect goals, volunteer experiences, and other eye opening events. Spend time reviewing these and creating lists. It is good to list long and short term goals to see where you are on your journey. It is good to realize your own philosophy in life. This could be your vision of your future, your global vision of how you want to shape the world. State an affirmation, such as "I am truly blessed to be of your service." This can be a quote, mission statement, or a comment on life.
  • You might want to extend this by giving the assignment of coming up with a group logo and business cards.


  • Connect with people who share your interests and who would like to get together as a community awareness group to brainstorm and find charities and organizations who need volunteers in your age group.
  • You can spend just a few weeks or the entire summer doing volunteer work. It is up to you. What is important is that you treat these volunteer opportunities just like a job. Be on time and enthusiastic about the work you are doing because this learning experience will go far as you begin searching for a permanent job and career.
  • Find out what your skills are; get on the job training by being a volunteer. 
  • Contact at least one of the organizations listed below.  
  • Join one or two that are of interest to you and fit into your schedule.
  • Continue to meet with your community awareness group and make posting on social media sites to share new experiences.                        

(Volunteer work involves asking questions, getting directions and visiting as many locations as possible.  I was able to teach English to people from all over the world at Traveler's Aid International.  It is really exciting to meet people and share experience using art, pantomime and verse. You may discover you have skills and talents you have not previously been aware of.)                     

(Volunteer work is a good way to find out whether or not you like this type of work, besides the good experience obtained while volunteering.)

(Experiences gained while volunteering can be helpful information to use for college papers and provide on the job training. You may ask for a letter of reference that would help you in your job search.)

(Contact agencies such as the United Way, Easter Seals or the Peace Corps, to request volunteer opportunities Use the links below to get started.)







  • After you have tried various volunteer opportunities, use a search engine to do a career search for the different type of jobs you want to explore. Find out what experience is needed, education needed and pay scale and location.
  • Learn how to write an effective COVER LETTER
  • Put together a list of potential jobs that you may qualify for. The links below will help you create each template, for each cover letter's location and information. The cover letter should state skills you've gained through each job and volunteer position. Be sure to ask someone with secretarial skills to proof read your work.
  • Write a RESUME
  • Request letters of RECOMMENDATION
  • Let your volunteer leader or supervisor know which jobs you are applying for. They will be happy to pass on a good tip to a future contact. Let them know in advance if you will still be a volunteer, and what your future plans with them are.
  • Submit your resume as instructed by prospective employers. Most employers will specify how to apply on their company website under career opportunities.



  • THE INTERVIEW - Make a list of questions you think might be asked on the interview. Find someone to pretend to be the interviewer. Viewing yourself on video could also help. Practice doing interviews and remember to always be yourself. Don't ask about the pay first. Share some of your volunteer experience with the interviewer or something positive that would make you memorable. Make it a priority to learn something about the company before your interview. Again, most website have an "about us" section to help you get familier with the company.
  • FOLLOWUP WITH A THANK YOU NOTE - Always remember to send a thank you note, thanking the person for giving you an interview. Keep the message sweet and simple. Make sure to gather information, ask for their business card or write down the correct spelling of the person’s name and address. Art Party-Your group could meet in order to learn how to create your own hand crafted note cards or you can create them on line. This is yet another way to bring the potential employer’s attention back to you. You could also coordinate matching stationary to include your cover letter, resume and thank you notes. click on this- https://www.sendoutcards.com/

TAKE A CAREER QUIZ   www.princetonreview.com/cte/quiz/career_quiz1.asp

Exploring Career Information:


Career Profiles:


Occupational Information Network:


Career Briefs:



COVER LETTER RESOURCES - Find out how to write a cover letter to one or more of your job search selections.


RESUME  RESOURCES - Create your resume using your volunteer and other experience.

http://www.livecareer.com/lp/lcarsmsm31.aspx? tag=120627205957921&hitlogid=108015047&cobrand=CLEAR&tag=120627205957921&utm_source=GAD&utm_medium=SEMK&utm_campaign=Make-Resume-8840

http://www.livecareer.com/lp/lcarsmsm31.aspx? tag=120627205957921&hitlogid=108015047&cobrand=CLEAR&tag=120627205957921&utm_source=GAD&utm_medium=SEMK&utm_campaign=Make-Resume-8840

  Watch the videos below,  to help you in your job search.


Looking for jobs tips...

Description: how to get interview

Description: interviews

Description: example interview

Description: IBM hires diversity-"equal opportunities ...reach all the talent"

Description: Choice/ interveiw/job skills

Description: employment for people with disabilities HOPE!

Description: Focus...job coaching..."special needs also means special talents"

Description: Ideal Placements

Description: document of disability requirement for vocational rehabilitation services

Description: job search

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