The PROCESS:  Follow the steps below to complete the webquest.  This is a group assignment, each of you must contribute equally.  Feel free to assist each other and ask your teacher if any problems arise.

Step 1:  Choose a Volcano. (Listed on Introduction page)

Step 2:  Choose a Role.  (Listed on Introduction page)

Step 3:  Research (Use websites listed on this page)

Step 4:  Organize your information into a Report. (Requirments listed on Task page)

Step 5:  Plan your Presentation. (Requirements listed on Task page)

 There is a vast amount of information about volcanoes on the web.  An organized list of some websites are listed below.  Feel free to search the web for alternative websites, but only do so after you have viewed the websites below.

Volcano Information Links:

Environmental Information Links:

Volcano Safety Links:

Volcano Site Links:

There are also bio links on the introducation page


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