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Go through all of these steps one at a time to gather all of the information that you need for your paper and your presentation.  Use the links to gather information.  You are not limited to using only these resources.  Feel free to explore for other resources as well.

1) What does someone with your career do on a daily basis?

Research careers that you are interested in as well as careers involving Math:

BLS Career Information --> http://www.bls.gov/k12/index.htm

WeUseMath Careers -->javascript:nicTemp();

2) How is Math used in your career?

3) What is the beginning and average salary range for your career?

Salary.com --> http://www.salary.com/

4) What college and high school math classes are needed for your career?
5) What college degrees or other training are necessary for your career?

6) What are some benefits or drawbacks (if any) to your career?

Throughout your research, note any benefits or drawbacks to your career and speak to those in this part of your paper and presentation.

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