Introduction to Argumentative Writing - Playing Video Games: Good or Bad?



  1. Work in a group of three. Remember, before you embark in the quest to write an argumentative essay, make sure you have read all the articles and watch videos on the stepsformat, structuredeveloping arguments, writing the introduction, writing the first argument and conclusion of an argumentative essay.  
  2. Each of you takes the role as a researcher to explore, investigate and write a report on each topic: the structure of an argumentative essay, the steps in writing a good argumentative essay and the technique or approach to write a good argumentative essay. Then, combine your work on these topics and present your findings to the class. Use large charts or posters to present!  
  3. Next, read the articles given and watch the videos on the issue of video games and why should it be banned for the minors.
  4. Discuss in your group and list down all the pros and cons using the T-chart organizer. Then, each of you decide what stance to take, whether playing video games is bad or the opposite and why violent video games should be banned for the minors or vice-versa.    
  5. Write your argumentative essay in 350 words using a good thesis statement and the minimal five-part structure you have already learnt.
  6. Post and share your work in the classroom blog created by your teacher for assessment and comments.   
  7. Resources


    BBCNews - Video games 'good for you'

    Eight Myths About Video Games Debunked

    Playing video games : Good or Bad?

    5 Reasons Why Video Games Can Be Bad For You

    Wikipedia: Video game behavioral effects

    Cause and Impact of Video Games Addiction

    Mad, bad and dangerous to play: Are video games really moredangerous than Class A drugs?

    2.Video Clips



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