1. Read ALL of the following directions before beginning your WebQuest.
  2. You will be organized into groups of three students to explore the information contained online.
  3. View both of the videos in the resource section and spend some time discussing the experiments that you viewed within the group.
  4. Open the Websites (#1-5) and read all information. Spend time with any interactives and make sure you understand the principles involved with thermal energy.  Once again, after viewing each of the websites discuss what you saw with the group.  Were any of you surprised by the experiments or understand the processes that transpired?  Website #2 may be of importance for the extension activity in the Conclusion section of the WebQuest so you may need to reference back to it before completing the Extension assignment.
  5. Before starting the experiment for Website #5 discuss within the group what you expect to happen and why with the group then run the simulation.  Were your predictions correct?  Why or why not? 
  6. Open the Worksheets (#1-4) and answer each of the questions on a separate piece of notebook paper for each worksheet.  You may discuss your responses in groups but make sure that each individual student records his/her own answers to turn in.

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