Case of the Missing Gator

The Detective Work


   Part 1.    Before you begin your investigation, make predictions on what you think might happen in the story The Missing Gator of Gumbo Limbo. You know that Dajun, the alligator is missing, but you do not know where it is or how it got there.

Check out all the resources below to help you solve the mystery and do your research.

       Answer the following questions as you read the story. You may record your answers in the worksheet attached or in a word document. Share your answers with the teacher and classmates in our Edmodo account.

1.    Why does Travis want to shoot the alligator Dajun?  (Pages 2,3)

2.   Use specific details to explain why Gumbo Limbo Hammock is such a good place for homeless people to live?  (pages 3,4)

3.     Why did Liza tear down the reward sign?  (page 9)

4.     What kind of man is James?  (page 16)

5.    Where do the woods people get their drinking and bathing water? (page 18)

6.    How do you know the water is safe to drink?  (page 18)

7.      Do you think Dajun is hiding someplace or is it just a coincidence that he is not around when they are looking for him?  (page 44 -45)

8.     What do you think will happen to Gumbo Limbo Hole without the presence of Dajun?  (page 44)

9.     What was killing all the wildlife?  (page 56-58)

10.             What good environmental chore does the buttonwood perform? (page 58-60)

11.             What special interest affect Florida’s network of waterways?  (page 81-84)

12.             Why did Liza and her mom use soap instead of detergents?  (page 87-88)

13.             How did Dajun help Liza’s mom get a job?  (page 113)

14.             Where did Liza find Dajun? (page 117-118)

15.             Why did Liza say the mystery was not completely solved?  (page 123)


Part 2.      Research the Florida Everglades Ecosystem. Use the chart provided in the Resources Section to organize your thoughts and information.

Florida Everglades Ecosystem

Natural Ecosystem

A Vast Wetland

Everglades- Natual Resource

Everglades Restoration Plan

Everglades Animals and Habitats

Plants and Animals of the Everglades

The Florida Everglades


Part 3

Culminating Activitiy

A.    Now that you have completed reading The Missing Gator of Gumbo Limbo and completed your research on the Florida Everglades Ecosystem, what do you think actually happened to Dajun? 

B.    What can we do to prevent the extinction to our endangered species?

Share your opinion and response to questions in our Edmodo account.

C. Be prepared to share your findings, evidence, clues, and opinion in class. 



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